Where are you based for one on one training sessions?

I work out of Peak Physique Gym in Hull, East Yorkshire.


Do you only train athletes and people already experienced with training?

No I enjoy working with a wide variety of people- from those who are completely new to training right through to International level powerlifters. Training is always tailored to your individual capabilities.


Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. You can contact me via the 'Contact' page of this website or directly at neildeighton85@gmail.com


Do I get some sort of Program with the one on one training sessions?

Yes with block bookings of 10 or 20 sessions I provide a full bespoke program and diet. Every session is thoroughly planned out as well as full diet support.


How long do I have to take the sessions if I block book?

I require you to commit to a minimum of two sessions per week with the block booking option to get the most out of the program.


What are the benefits of the Online Coaching?

The way that I do this ensures that you have a completely bespoke training and diet plan that is optimal for your goals. With the Weekly Coaching every variable is taken into account allowing you to simply execute the plan and get stronger. This is ideal for people who are busy and want to take out the planning aspect, for people wanting to learn how to set up a program optimally, as well as providing accountability making it far more likely to stick to the plan. 

Ultimately the benefit I strive to provide is for you to progress faster than you would on your own.


Do you only train powerlifters?

No. I specialise in strength training however this is a very diverse area with powerlifting being just one aspect. I train anyone who's serious about getting stronger and improving their performance.


Will strength training make me 'big and bulky'?

Not if you don't want it to. This will rely predominantly on diet and rep ranges. Strength training is a fantastic choice for those wanting to lose weight and 'tone up' as well as for people who want to increase muscle mass. The key is simply tailoring it correctly for your specific goals.


What are the benefits of strength training?

The benefits of strength training are far reaching and would require a full article to give the topic justice. Physically it improves how you move in everyday life, increases bone density, increases fat free mass, strengthens areas commonly prone to injury such as the lower back, creates a calorie deficit which can aid weightloss. This is on top of actually being physically stronger and more capable, whether that's a hand off in a rugby match or being able to comfortably pick your grandkids up.

Psychologically it enhances your gym experience by having targets to aim for and instant feedback (you lifted the weight or you didn't), endorphin release which improves your general mood, and has a hugely positive effect on self confidence.


How do I get involved in strength training?

The best way is to get a coach to guide you through the main lifts to ensure you understand the correct technique. Then you just need a well formulated plan and some basic equipment- ideally a power rack, a barbell and some weight plates. Any extra equipment is a bonus.