Weekly Coaching Package

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As with all plans an initial consultation and discussion via email is the first step. This allows me to gain enough information to set up a training and diet plan that ensures the fastest progress from the first week, and also allows us to get to know each other a little bit.

Following this step you will receive an email detailing the terminology that I use when sending training information, an explanation of how the training will be set up for you and why I chose to do it this way, as well as all nutritional information. You will also receive a second email with the details of the training for the first week.

All exercises are set out along with the weight to use, how many reps and sets to perform, as well as rest periods for every training session. I then require feedback of each session via email which is taken into account when the following week of training is sent over to you. Training sessions are always sent at least the day prior to performing them so you have time to discuss any aspects that you may not be sure about. By sending training out in week long blocks rather than as a longer program it allows me to quickly adjust different aspects of the sessions to ensure more optimal progression. Longer training blocks can be sent out on request.